Accompanying Distress Migrants

Helpline for Distress Migrants

                                                                                   MIGRANT ASSISTANCE HELPLINE NUMBER: 1-800-891-2995     
Declaration for International Migrants Day

Emergency Interventions of MAIN (April 2023 - March 2024)


MAIN would provide a central helpline system wherein distress migrants/his or her family member/close associate can call to seek critical assistance/information. The team at the Central Hub in Delhi will assess the call received and route the information to the respective State Hub for further action and follow up.


a) To accompany the distress migrants by setting up a helpline system, which will be a credible rallying first point of contact for distress migrants.

b) To serve the distress migrants by responding to their distress calls and assisting them with various services, primarily through partners,

c) To advocate for the causes of distress migrants with all relevant stakeholders, including government, by analysing the distress calls and report generated, gaps in services/entitlements, and also critical challenges being faced by them.

Some kind of distress calls, that we envisage from the migrant workers:
1) Industrial Relations/Labour related issues
2) Entitlements/Govt. Schemes
3) Medical Assistance
4) Conflicts/Dispute Settlements
5) Counselling services
6) Educational Assistance.
7) Human Trafficking/Human right violations
8) Training and Awareness Generation