Accompanying Distress Migrants

Helpline for Distress Migrants

                                                                                   MIGRANT ASSISTANCE HELPLINE NUMBER: 1-800-891-2995     
Declaration for International Migrants Day

Emergency Interventions of MAIN (April 2023 - March 2024)

About Us

The Migrant Assistance and Information Network (MAIN) is the outcome of the felt-need for a concerted, collective and innovative response to reach out to the distress migrant workers; inter-state and intra-state. Being essentially a partnership model, MAIN would work in collaboration with individuals, NGOs/CSOs/CBOs, institutions, religious congregations, dioceses, networks, etc. at various levels. It will work closely with state governments by developing a replicable and sustainable model of Accompanying, Serving and Advocating for the cause of distressed migrants. MAIN visualizes itself becoming a state-run programme eventually to address the issues of distress migrants in the long run across India.

MAIN: An Initiative of the Jesuit Conference of India

Jesuit Conference of India (JCI) is part of the international organisation of Jesuits with remarkable presence in the South Asian countries. Registered as not-for-profit organisation in India, JCI has been engaged in pioneering and exemplary work in areas of education, social development and empowerment. From its very beginning in 1978, JCI has been committed towards working with vulnerable communities by providing quality education for the unreached children in rural and remote areas, supporting youth to be future ready, establishing peace and harmony, working for distressed migrants, rights and entitlements and also responding to disasters and caring the environment.